Be advised that no one should ever tell you that being an executor or personal representative can truly be stress-free because decisions will indeed have to be made. As an experienced Real Estate Professional, we will make sure that you are always well-informed in regard to these decisions - especially as they pertain to real estate. We will also help you with some of the difficult conversations you may have to have with family members and other heirs. If you haven't yet secured the services of a competent probate attorney, we can help you choose one whose good work we know and are comfortable recommending.

We'll help you at every step along the way and do everything possible to steer you clear of the minefields. Of course, you'll still have to make some interesting choices, but having us as an advisor by your side makes the task significantly less lonely.

Do you need to dispose of the property as quickly as possible?

Here's where we really shine. First, we will help you determine specifically what the most critical objective or objectives are regarding the real estate that's involved in the probate.

If so, we can provide immediate cash buyers from our list of qualified investors. Often, this is vital to allow a surviving spouse to move into a more suitable location, handle medical or other bills or simply get asset funds into the hands of the heirs quickly. Our investors can often make offers within 24 hours on almost any property and can close really quickly. Sometimes, funds can even be advanced prior to closing. Of course, timelines are frequently subject to the courts and filing timelines which are beyond our control, but our efforts minimize these delays whenever possible.

Do you need to maximize the selling price to provide the greatest cash benefit to the heirs / stakeholders?

When maximum revenue is the focus, we'll make certain the property is not only listed properly but marketed aggressively and intelligently to assure maximum exposure. We'll make sure you know exactly what the property is worth if you are willing to wait for the right buyer and we'll help you determine any possible repairs (if any) that might add more to the final selling price than their cost - in other words, the greatest bang for the buck. Be aware that all too often, ill-informed sellers spend far too much on repairs that do not even cover their cost in the final sale price. This is where our experience, preparation, and savvy marketing skills come into play.


Barbara Was a Savvy Negotiator, Making Sure that the Terms Were the Best Possible for Us  

Barbara has represented us as our realtor twice. A little over a year ago Barbara was our realtor when we were seeking to buy a home in Boca Raton. A year later, when we decided to sell our former home in Plantation, we asked Barbara to represent us again. In our minds, there was no other realtor that we wanted to sell our home. Barbara was fantastic for both the purchase and sale of our homes. To read our experience on the buyer’s side, see posting on 6/30/2014. The comments provided here pertain to the sale of our Plantation home.
When we decided to sell our Plantation home, we were a little stressed by the prospect. Previously we had chosen to rent this home and it had taken us a month to find a tenant and we had to significantly decrease our monthly rental amount in order to successfully rent it (unfortunately another realtor, other than Barbara, had represented us at the time). So, when it came time to sell the home, we imagined that this process was going to be even more difficult. But, with Barbara as our realtor, nothing could have been farther from the truth. She visited our Plantation home, suggested practical, inexpensive ways to make sure that our home looked its best, and prioritized the things that we needed to do before sale. Her eagle-eye for what matters most when a home is placed on the market made all the difference. We were able to find a buyer almost instantly, and we closed thirty days later. Even better, the price which was paid for the home was higher than both my husband and I thought was possible. After the offer was made, Barbara was a savvy negotiator, making sure that the terms were the best possible for us. She also strategized to prevent and stave off any hiccups that could have presented themselves before the closing. The process of selling our home was smooth and almost painless, and we owe it all to Barbara. She is passionate about her vocation and she brings intelligence, dedication and preparedness to the table. A lot is at stake when a person is buying or selling a home; we can’t imagine anyone better to be on your side than Barbara.

A Twenty-four Hour, Round the Clock Realtor  

Barbara knows her Stuff. Period. We are were out of state owners and had hired another realtor to sell our property. After minimal progress we were disappointed and that's when God sent Barbara our way! 🙂 From the get go Barbara took care of every single detail from the selling process to analyzing potential buyers and their probability to close should we sign the contract. She would explain each offer in detail and clearly articulate the pros and cons of each buyer to us. Once under contract she ensured as sellers were protected legally. She was also super accessible any time of the day any day. We WENT TO BED PEACEFULLY EVERY NIGHT KNOWING WE HAD HIRED A 24 HOUR ROUND THE CLOCK REALTOR WHOSE MISSION WAS TO ENSURE OUR HOUSE SOLD AND IT SOLD QUICK AND AT THE RIGHT PRICE. She also made multiple trips to the property, took initiative to address issues with the property. She was our eyes on the ground. Best realtor in Boca. When we are ready to get our piece of Boca again, I know who to call! Call her you will thank heavens you did!

Highly Professional and Very Good at Her Job  

Barbara was our agent for selling my mother's condo after she passed away. Working with Barbara made a difficult time much more tolerable. She is highly professional and very good at her job. Our questions were always answered immediately and she was immediately on top of any issues that came  up. I really appreciated her walking us through the sale process step-by-step. I highly recommend using her for sale or purchase. 

I was Updated Weekly About Showings and Interest  

When I wanted to sell my home, I looked at a mailing that Barbara sent, which I had kept for some reason. I was impressed with her credentials. I called her and became even more impressed. She quickly came to visit and I then knew Barbara would be my agent. Barbara came over and we  spoke for a while and worked on listing my home. Barbara kept in touch almost weekly and when I needed to speak to her she was always available. Either be text, phone or email, Barbara was always only minutes away. I was updated weekly about showings and interest. When the market slowed a bit it was me that decided to lower the asking price. Barbara mentioned the search habits of prospective buyers and guided me to the final asking price. When I agreed with her, I lowered the price to the level she advised and a deposit came in with 48 hours. After the papers were signed Barbara still kept in close contact with me the entire time. I left important details to her knowing she would make it all happen. She put me in touch with great professionals to get the deal closed. Most listing brokers fade away a buyer is found. Not Barbara. She was with me every step right up to the closing day. A great broker who became my friend.

We Highly Recommend Barbara  

She is amazing! We highly recommend Barbara. She is a true professional with invaluable knowledge. We found Barbara via Zillow and from the moment we met with her, we knew she was the one to work with. We could not be happier with our decision. Barbara helped us find the perfect house. She worked with us for more than 8 months and was completely dedicated to us, making us feel we were her only clients.
No stone was left unturned and no steps were rushed. She helped us analyze each of the houses we visited, as she completely understood what we were looking for. She never pressured us into a decision that she knew was not right for us. She made the process really easy to understand as she explained every single step. Barbara cares about her client and once you find what you want she really pushes to get it for you. The cherry on top is the fact she is friendly and fun. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, pro-active and hard-working realtor that is lovely to work with, look no more, Barbara is the one. 

She Helped Us with EVERYTHING!  

Barbara was absolutely one of the greatest agents to work with.Her knowledge in real estate is phenomenal! She helped us with not only selling our home but also buying another all at the same time. She also has many contacts for movers, painters, inspection people, banks...just about anything you need when selling, buying, moving. She helped us with everything! I would most definitely highly recommend her to any of my friends.

Barbara was Fabulous  

Barbara had helped my sister purchase a condo in Boca. When my mom passed away recently, I was looking for someone to sell my mom's home. It was a difficult time for us -- but Barbara was fabulous. She was very responsive, told us the facts about the house and potential improvements and spoke at length about her strategy to list and sell the place. She gave us good insights and suggestions and she was right on the money on how the process could unfold. We were very pleased with how she positioned the home in the market and we had an offer within the week. I highly recommend her!

My Husband and I Both Found Barbara a Pleasure to Work with  

We have worked with Barbara Oleska both as a buyer and a seller with the best possible experience imaginable in each case. Barbara brings a very professional, knowledgeable, and client first demeanor to each transaction. She is on top of every detail with an experienced-based ability to anticipate what needs to be accomplished ahead of any potential challenges. My husband and I both found Barbara a pleasure to work with and she is someone we highly recommend!

Now that it's All Done, I Consider Barbara a Dear Friend.  

After speaking with other agents to list my condo and purchase a home, Barbara had my business after the first hello. I could tell by her upbeat attitude and professional approach that she knew her stuff when it came to the real estate market, and intuition told me I was in good hands. Was I  ever!! Throughout the entire process (which had hiccups that were mountains to me, mole hills to her) she was with me the entire step of the way and made me feel as though I was her number one client. Phone calls and texts were answered immediately, she went out of her way to make sure my interests were protected (Barbara is a sweetheart but a bulldog when it comes to negotiating) and the contacts she has for a lender, closing agent, and insurance firm were top notch. She led, I followed, and the result was I wound up selling my place for asking price, bought a place for less than the appraised value at a great interest rate, and I didn’t have to shop around to get the job done. She deserves every 5 star rating she’s gotten on Zillow. And now that it’s all done, I consider Barbara a dear friend.

When It Comes to Buying or Selling a Home, Barbara Oleska is the One You Want Working with You  

When it comes to buying or selling a home, Barbara Oleska is the one you want working with you. When we were looking for our new home, we were in the market for the biggest investment of our lives, and just because a realtor snagged us up on a webpage, or spoke to us at an open house, doesn’t mean  they are guarantee our loyalty. I truly don’t care about being loyal to a relator. I have no qualms’ with having two or three realtors at one time. To me a realtor is the means to an end, and to stay with one over another, is because they have earned my loyalty and respect. We were looking for a realtor that had knowledge and understanding of the real estate market. I don’t care about their emotions, opinions, or taste. I don’t care what they like or dislike, until they prove to me that our concerns are their concerns. Barbara did just that. She paid attention to our needs and had the patients to show us house after house until we were able to find a house within our means. We were looking for the best home we could find for the money we had, and the location we wanted to live in. At times we changed the amount of money we wanted to spend and even changed the type of home we were looking for. She was able to endure our indecisiveness, and realize we were very interested in buying a home; however, we were not willing to settle on something we would regret later. I am totally ignorant when it comes to the housing market and even less knowledgably about the financing and legal procedures. Barbara’s knowledge and real estate experience gave us peace while we went through the process. Her professional and confident demeanor gave us the confidence to trust in her, and her alone. With her you get the full package. She maintains a network of professional people in all areas of the Real Estate business assuring all potential glitches are taken care of prior to closing. After helping us buy our new home she was willing to oversee the selling of our previous home. The buyer of our first home is a friend of a friend and was as inexperienced as we were. We were both buying and selling without a realtor. Barbara’s ability to enlighten the buyer of our home by communicating with his broker, helped simplify the transaction and ensured that all the proper paperwork and protocols were followed. Both homes were bought and sold without a hitch. It does not get any better than that. Thank you Barb!

Barbara is Incredibly Astute  

First, I would like to qualify myself as to why my comments should carry a certain amount of credibility. I am a former member of the US Army Special Forces. Nothing is more important to a professional soldier than the respect and confidence of the man crouching next to him when you’re knee-deep in the trenches. Barbara Oleska earned my respect and confidence by exhibiting this same level of commitment, professionalism and integrity to the sale of our condo.

Now, I can be a hard case when it comes to car dealers and real estate brokers. I have been sorely disappointed over the years with their lack of competence and integrity. Consequently, I am not a lay-down and can be a total pain in the backside when dealing with the ethically challenged or woefully incompetent. So with that anticipation in mind, I started my search for a RE Agent to facilitate the sale. After reviewing endless feedback comments regarding local RE Brokers via Zillow, I narrowed it down to three. I made the appropriate calls and Barbara was my first interview. After meeting and chatting for well over an hour about everything imaginable, I made my decision right on the spot. Barbara exceeded my expectations and then some. She is a consummate, well-rounded, RE professional and without a doubt the most competent agent I have ever met. Right from the start her knowledge, skills and abilities reinforced my decision that I had selected wisely.

Barbara is incredibly astute regarding the ins and outs of not only the local RE market but her profession as well. She multi-tasks with ease and is always considering her client’s needs and wishes first! The first piece of business was preparing the condo for the professional photoshoot and I was so glad! I can’t tell you how many people commented on how good the pictures looked online. Throughout the process, she was mentoring, educating and communicating to all parties involved in a friendly but firm, easy going manner. I found that her greatest attribute was to remain cool under fire. She is a natural born mediator and always found a way to diffuse or defeat whatever problems came our way especially during a difficult closing. The net result after all was said and done was multiple offers and a contract in hand at the end of one week for the asking price. Yes, the unit is in a very in-demand location but in retrospect it had so much more to do with her skill set and persona. Where other comparable units in the building have been languishing for some time either overpriced or For Sale By Owner our unit was priced fairly and had a stellar agent in place.

Do yourself a favor and at the very least sit down and talk with her. I am confident that you will come to the same conclusion that I did: This lady is an absolute pro! Thank You Barbara!

Barbara is the Ultimate Professional  

Barbara is the ultimate professional. Not only was she knowledgeable in what people are buying and selling, she was equally if not more knowledgeable in what it takes to make the home more attractive to sell quickly and at a higher price. If Barbara makes a suggestion - listen to her - it will pay dividends!

Barbara is on Top of Every Detail  

We have worked with Barbara Oleska both as a buyer and a seller with the best possible experience imaginable in each case. Barbara brings a very professional, knowledgeable, and client first demeanor to each transaction. She is on top of every detail with an experienced-based ability to anticipate  what needs to be accomplished ahead of any potential challenges. My husband and I both found Barbara a pleasure to work with and she is someone we highly recommend!

I Would Definitely Recommend Barbara to Sell Your Home  

Barbara was absolutely wonderful throughout the selling process. She helped manage to stage the condo. Additionally, she managed the selling process while we were living out-of-state. Within a couple days of listing, we received two cash offers. I would definitely recommend Barbara to sell your home.


We work especially well in these situations. Typically the attorney of record has one of two roles. They are either appointed to the task by the court or selected by the family or executor / personal advisor. If you've been court-appointed, then your role is usually focused strictly on the legal issues regarding any transactions and dispersal of assets. However, if you are retained by the family or the executor / personal representative, your role usually extends to include a more advisory capacity as well. In either case, we will at all times keep you well-informed about any aspect of the process in which we are involved - especially when it comes to fielding offers on the real estate.

In some cases, the family or executor / personal advisor will want ALL aspects of the probate to be handled completely by the attorney. In these cases, we'll work with you as "the client" regarding the real estate, just as we would with the executor / personal advisor.

We have focused our efforts on working in this unique area of Real Estate because we feel it allows us to not only perform a much-needed service to people in times of great stress, but also because it is a place where we can differentiate our level of expertise from others who are not as focused in this niche. We've taken the time to and made the investment to properly prepare to assist you. If you'd like some general information, please review our list of Frequently Asked Probate Questions. We are ready to start working with you today and ease any unnecessary burdens quickly. We're ready to help you immediately!

Thanks again for visiting with us online!