Meet Barbara Oleska

Barbara entered into real estate sales full time in January 2012. Combining her love of real estate with her extensive background in senior sales positions working with Fortune 500 companies such as WorldCom, MCI, Avery Dennison, CBRE, and others, her tenure as an international speaker on real estate marketing, and private practice as a certified transformative mediator, she brings the perfect blend of knowledge and passion to help you achieve your real estate goals.  Barbara’s main focus is to price, promote, list and sell her clients homes in the least amount of time and for the highest price possible. Market positioning. strategic planning, negotiating, and customer service are Barbara’s strong suits which allow her clients to obtain the best terms and service in the industry. It’s Barbara’s mission for The Oleska Team to deliver a level of service, expertise, and accountability that is second to none. As team lead, she has assembled top notch professionals to support you through each and every step of the sales process. Put The Oleska Team to work and we guarantee amazing results!

A Specialization in Probate

In 2010, Barbara’s father passed away intestate. She was appointed as the Administrator and embarked down the lengthy and confusing process of probate. Managing her duties from 3,000 miles away proved very challenging between disposing of personal property, selling assets, and clearing financial obligations. One of the most stressful was the management of the sale of her father’s home. Bombarded with low investor calls and letters, unfamiliar with the local real estate market and without expert guidance, she found herself guessing about what to do and who to hire. After that experience, she understood how critical it was to have a road map and expert assistance to help alleviate the anxiety and manage the myriad details of liquidating an estate.

Throughout Barbara Oleska's real estate career, numerous sellers who have inherited property in Florida have contacted her for guidance. Some are local and many are from out of the area, but all share the same question of where to start and how to manage the selling process. Many need creative options and solutions and found Barbara’s resources and expert project management skills invaluable.  Often there are multiple heirs who don’t always see eye to eye and Barbara Oleska is able to utilize her unique transformative mediation skills to keep communication open, help the heirs reach consensus, and sell the property to everyone’s satisfaction.

Barbara has invested in her education and is fully committed to offering the most professional and comprehensive service possible. Barbara understands the huge emotional and financial investment that you, the buyer or seller, go through, so finding solutions to your real estate needs is extremely important to her. Communication and attention to details is a priority throughout the buying and selling process. Barbara and her team support her clients throughout the entire transaction and ensure the smoothest transaction possible.

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